Responsible Research is also concerned with generalizability: Recognizing efforts to reflect upon and increase generalizability in hiring and promotion decisions in psychology


  • Roman Stengelin MPI EVA
  • Manuel Bohn
  • Alejandro Sánchez-Amaro
  • Daniel Haun
  • Maleen Thiele
  • Moritz Daum
  • Elisa Felsche
  • Frankie Fong
  • Anja Gampe
  • Marta Giner Torréns
  • Sebastian Grueneisen
  • David Hardecker
  • Lisa Horn
  • Karri Neldner
  • Sarah Pope-Caldwell
  • Nils Schuhmacher



Generalizability Crisis, Sampling Crisis, Responsible Research, Cultural Psychology


We concur with the authors of the two target articles that Open Science practices can help combat the ongoing reproducibility and replicability crisis in psychological science and should hence be acknowledged as responsible research practices in hiring and promotion decisions. However, we emphasize that another crisis is equally threatening the credibility of psychological science in Germany: The sampling or generalizability crisis. We suggest that scientists’ efforts to contextualize their research, reflect upon, and increase its generalizability should be incentivized as responsible research practices in hiring and promotion decisions. To that end, we present concrete suggestions for how efforts to combat the additional generalizability crisis could be operationalized within Gärtner et al. (2022) evaluation scheme. Tackling the replicability and the generalizability crises in tandem will advance the credibility and quality of psychological science and teaching in Germany.


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